Furniture Prices

Furniture Prices

A wide variety of ready-to-assemble home furnishings provide work and storage solutions as well as conventional seating, sleeping, and dining arrangements. Proper assembly is key to the stability and comfort of your furniture; hiring a professional to take on the task helps ensure the durability of your pieces and spares you a tedious and difficult task. The style, size, and location of your furniture items may affect the price of assembly, so consider service options at the time of your purchase to plan for an efficient assembly project.

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Bedroom Furniture

Many suppliers offer RTA bedroom furniture to expand product lines while simplifying their shipping and delivery process. Upon delivery, your contractor can assemble these items in place according to manufacturers’ specifications for best quality and performance. Assembling a standard bed is generally straightforward, with an average cost of $87, while the construction and placement of bunk beds may require more time and labor, costing about $124. The cost of assembling dressers and nightstands may be affected by the number and size of drawers and hardware pieces to install, averaging $146 for bureaus and $77 for nightstands. 

Work and Storage Furniture

Workstations, desks, shelving, and storage pieces have long been popular items in RTA format. Size, style, and characteristics of furniture items may influence the cost of assembly, though the construction process is similar for a number of pieces. Free standing closet styles may vary from open rack and shelving systems to armoire-style cabinets with assembly rates that average $153. Shelf units and bookcases are relatively consistent in design and assembly and cost about $114 to build, while the wide range of styles and features available for desks carries an average assembly rate of $127.

Tables and Dining Furniture

The complexity of assembling dining furniture varies with the type and style of pieces, as well as with the level of assembly required. Building tables may require fitting legs and leafs, costing an average of $79, while preparing chairs may involve attaching seats, backs, and legs and may cost $83. Assembling an entire dining room set can cost $204, with the number of chairs and side pieces influencing the time needed for the job.