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Furniture catalog

In the internet customers are left on their own, there is no sales person or manager who would tell them about the goods or services. Customers cannot take goods and study them carefully. But how then do they make decision? There are only two answers: 

  • customer is already acquainted with the product, he/she likes it and wants to buy it
  • customer liked the information about the product and decided to buy it

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We will consider the second variant, when customer chooses some product only by description given at the site. Therefore, product description should show product to the best advantage and point at those features to which customer pays attention when visiting ordinary shop. When browsing through the web sites, customer sees pictures of goods and reads the descriptions; we can call the totality of this information "product card".

So, you need to make a typical product card.

Making product card

Product name 
Product description
Price with VAT
Sale price

You may exclude those points which are inappropriate for you and add some additional ones. You should pay special attention to pictures of a product. If you are selling baby furniture, you know that appearance for customer is much more important than any other characteristics. That is why the first thing which customer should see is pictures of products. 

We would like to pay your attention to the fact that any product should have two characteristics for sure; these are: product name and price. All the rest of characteristics depend on the industry.

Product can belong to some certain category of online catalog. That is why it is very important to develop such a catalog structure which can be easily understood by users.

If you want, we will make for you a catalog. Contact us via email, how to put the product in the catalog, and we'll announce the price of a catalog.