Office Furniture Feng Shui Tips

Office Furniture Feng Shui Tips

Basics for you is that the workspace provide the basics of good Feng Sui . This means that the office is the proper form, with the door facing in a favorable direction , prostarnim lobby and a good location, not crowded corners and long, narrow hallway . When provide a basis , you can import specific items that bring happiness and well-being of which will have only the company , but all employees njoj.Dimenzije table are an important part of Feng Sui . Note that a desk should be great . Ambitious managers and directors should always have a large table or will not have good feng shui in your career . Small tables are intended unambitious people . Even at the computer desk should not be too small . Otherwise , it will not bring you happiness . If the table is too high for you , lift chair. The front of the table must be closed . If a table decorated with carvings , decorations should not be sharp shape, but rounded. All tables are made of any kind of wood are good . Do not coated with metal edges , because it creates disharmony.

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The chair you're sitting on should have high headboard and armrests . Chair with low backrest lack of support , a chair without armrests are not favorable , because symbolically prevent stability and security .

Beginners in Feng Sui often wonder what is the length and width of the cheapest in feng shui dimension table. There are a lot of favorable policies by Feng Sui , and we 'll suggest the following : height from 81 to 84 cm , width of 82 to 86 cm , length of 147 to 152 cm . Height of the chair must match the height of the table, but remember that you must always have a mount for hands to provide support .

You may have noticed that the office is very successful businessmen miniature fountains or aquariums with fish are a very common sight . This arrangement enhances the commercial and material success . There are a number of various recommendations regarding the water. Some advise that the water is visible from the main entrance to the office because they think that the sight of water attracts money to the office . Therefore, it can very often see an aquarium in the reception room , placed directly opposite the entrance . Goldfish symbolizing protection and prosperity , therefore, recommended. A popular school of thought which deals with determining the position of the supply of water , it is recommended that the water is placed on the north , in a sector that represents the element of water. Water is also beneficial in sectors apron of the country to the east or southeast. Keep a sense of balance , do not think that more water and bigger fish tank means better . When you disturb the balance of water and when there is too much , then the symbolic water spout and blue , a good feng shui turns into bad . Too much water can " drown " your company.